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Survey on ICT usage in Households and by Individuals


On 15 th December 2017, the Statistical Service of Cyprus puplished the results of the survey on ICT usage in Households and by Individuals 2017.

The aim of the annual survey is to collect data on the access of households to selected Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), on the usage of computers and the Internet, activities on the Internet and Internet commerce.

Download Acrobat File Summary_Results-ICT_HH-2016-EN-071216.pdf (File Size: 2648,63Kb)
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ICT_USAGE-HH-2016-EN-071216.xls (File Size: 656,83Kb)
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INFORMATION_SOCIETY-A96_15-EN-071216.xls (File Size: 103,01Kb)
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Press_Release-ICT_Households-2016-EN-071116.pdf (File Size: 479,6Kb)
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Press_Release-ICT_Households-2017-EN-151217.pdf (File Size: 556,27Kb)
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Summary_Report-ICT_HH-2017-EN-151217.pdf (File Size: 733,55Kb)
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ICT_USAGE-HH-2017-EN-151217.xls (File Size: 758,82Kb)
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INFORMATION_SOCIETY-A96_17-EN-151217.xls (File Size: 97,91Kb)


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